Gala Rexer is a feminist researcher, PhD candidate in sociology and freelance journalist. She is working on the biopolitical function of reproductive technologies (such as IVF or surrogacy) and reproductive justice in Germany, UK and Israel/Palestine. Her research interests include postcolonial/queer/feminist theories, biopolitics, reproductive technologies, (post)secularism, medical anthropology and sociology of the body.

Since 03/2017: PhD candidate at Department of Diversity and Social Conflict, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, supervised by Prof. Dr. Gökce Yurdakul. 

Since 05/2016: Research project coordinator in project on “Contesting Authorities over Body Politics: The Religious/Secular Tension in Germany, Israel, and Turkey” (2016-2018)

2014 – 2016: Master of Arts Social Sciences, Humboldt University

10/2015 – 03/2016: Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel

2009 – 2013: Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences, Humboldt University

Member of International Association for the study of Religion and Gender and diffrakt. centre of theoretical periphery